Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Hippo says Hello

There he is. Yup, he's looking right at you.

The view of some houses from the river trip. We took a boat down (up?) the Ogooué river, into a giant lake, picnicked on the shore, saw hippos (see above), played soccer, took pictures, and celebrated the end of our roommates' (see below) stage (internship) at Schweitzer.

These are the triplets of the hospital. Not actually triplets, but they're all the same age, two have nearly identical names, they all lived (pretty much) on the same surgery ward, and they all have Buruli ulcers. I loved these girls so much, I will try to write a longer post about them. In this picture they are watching a video I took of them dancing on my bed. (No, they were dancing on the porch, but watching the video sitting on the bed. Goodness English is confusing.)

Two pictures I love of my roommates. L-R: me, the impossibly adorable Larry (girls get boys' names here), Narcisse, and Elizabeth A Point Sack.